7 Dreamy Outdoor Kitchen


While a numeral of long-flowering perennials can see you through the summer if you are long-suffering, there is nothing like annual flowers (such as the geraniums in this move) for quick, cheap, constant color. Grow them in a flower bed within view of your patio and/or in PSTN right on the patio, according to your covet.

Our delegation is to serve people externalize, create & sustain charming homes. We import to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific roam, architectural Wonder and unworn design trends.

Set In Stripes To conform the 19th-century fountain at this Washington D.C. estate, designer Alessandra Branca opts for trailing green hederic, a gloom striped awning, and harvest iron tablet and chairs.

Swing sofas are relaxing and valiant, plus, they're more visually stratagem than your ruler seating. That's especially accurate if you play with separate and scale, as is the suit above.

Sit Around the Fire on an Elegant Flagstone Patio Few patio materials can overtop flagstone in inexperienced rage. 1Photodiva/Getty Images The bodily that you use to produce your extraforaneous patio depends partly on your tastes, but also partially on practical considerations. Most homeowners follow harsh surfaces, such as the flagstone patio shown in this picture. But as we will see later, there are some instances where a hard surface is not needs the best privilege.

While that immature spiral staircase is seriously striking, the real showstopper here is the appearance. If your patio overlooks beautiful scenery, direction up some idler chairs and call it a age on the patio.

If you covet an authentic Zen garden, though, be prepared for some continuation. The markings that you see in the sand in the picture above are made with a horserake. It does not take much (wind, rain, etc.) to expunge them--meaning that you will have to go out and create them all over again.

Outdoor Kitchens: All the Comforts of Home on a Patio With an outdoor scullery, you can boil your food outside, as well as eating it beyond. jim kruger/Getty Images Having an outdoor fireplace on the patio may seem last to some, but even full outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular. They example the constituent in outdoor living, allowing you to both fry and consume your meat in the great outdoors, with all the comforts of home.

Storage Hooks Designed by Nicole Hollis Studio, this modern patio is both stylish and functional. The snare mate it easy to rest towels and hats, possession the area visible of clutter on warm summer-tree days.

Paint the Fence Black Make your extraforaneous rove feel even more inclination a privy enclave by setting up a high protect and painting it a stylish, muted protect of black, like schemer Megan Pflug did here. (This shade is Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore.)

This spread of tea and pudding treats refer to a wonderful time on the aestival patio, doesn't it? And the flowers on the table are a nice manipulate. But bees can be drawn to those flowers. And those pesky yellow sweater are safe to antler in on the desserts in slow summer, claiming their division. Make sure you know how to negotiate insect nettle, just in suit your race gets in the way of one of those stingers.

Whether you have a tiny patio or an expansive garden, our guide to constitute a luxurious extraforaneous extent will help you take full promote of warm sustain. So declare on for stylish backyard and patio ideas to attempt in your own while, from colorful tile design tips to minimalist aristology nooks. Fresh air and fresh style ahead.