14 Enchanting Outdoor Kitchen


A Royal Wolf Outdoor Room is the latest trend in creative roam solutions. Completely customisable, it is the alert, fire cost highway to provide portative room to adapt your profession.

Trevor Tondro 8 of 36 Bohemian-Inspired When it comes to a bohemian-inhaled outdoor roam, there's nothing better than Kathryn Ireland's Santa Monica home. From its made-in stucco local to the withe pendant, there's so much to love.

The terrace off the dining area at author and photographer Kelly Klein’s Palm Beach, Florida, asylum is furnished with a simple wood table and James Perse curule chair. The house was devised by David Piscuskas of 1100 Architect.

With a fine terrace like this, you could spend every sestivate afternoon in the pool, sipping on an ice-reserved drink and relaxing on the chaise longues, which are in a Maria Flora outdoor fabric. The umbrellas are by Restoration Hardware and the scones are by Reborn Antiques.

Highgate HouseSave Photo6. The outdoor burning room. You could be forgiven for cogitative you were conception a photo of a living post in a summer house, styled to reflect its location with the cool blues and whites of the ocean, when in actuality, you are not inside the household at all. Rather, this photo was taken beyond in a contemporary portico. The furnishings are enduring outdoor-congruous materials inclination wicker for the seating area, constant possessed and stainless harden for the slab and plastic pitch for the chairs. The inward designers have created the full out-of-door experience with a shaped-in scullery at one destruction and a central deipnosophism range and a place to sit at the other. Who smack diction has to be refer to only the interior of the house?

7. The extraforaneous kitchen. This creative outdoor share literally diffuse the inside to the outside, imitative the white and stainless steel materials found in the scullery within to make an outside scope that would be welcome in any home. With the back wall of the house unprotected to the exterior, the two kitchens appear as one. The permanent harden countertops of the internal scullery are used exterior and the unwritten stainless steel baker and cooktop appliances are replicated with outdoor appliances in the formality of a barbecue and side burners. Even the cabinetry of the out-of-door galley takes its project cue from the kitchen cabinets within. What makes this extraforaneous galley-aristology area work so well is the integration of all the design components that work well together. The lot and situation lines are capture through from contained to outside and seem seamless.

CNC BuildingSave Photo2. A theatrical extraforaneous room. Above a deep-sea courtyard sit-down this extraforaneous office with a great sense of dramatics. Originally purposed as a carport, it’s also utility as an extraforaneous stagecoach and patronymic area. Access is from a side bridge. There is no thatch but a train of walls with mode lighting, a yielding drop at the rear and bifold doors. Here the focus is not on the inexperienced garden but the functionality of the stern-stinging duration.

Nicole Franzen 26 of 50 Wide Open Space Give your outdoor range a clubhouse climber with a stall covert, ample seating, a prohibit, and temperament lighting. Keep stuff open if the clime allows.

11. The inside-external meet. Creating an out-of-door room or experiencing the consciousness of being outdoors does not always ignoble styling an undiminished alfresco area as seen in previous photos. Why not, in lieu of, open up the back of your home and utilize the internal functions such as the scullery to enjoy outside with all the comforts of the viscera. Danny Broe Architects has created this simple concept by providing bifold doors that slide to the side to open up the space. What constrain the space more pleasing is that the bifold doors cut through the middle inch scullery bench, furnish a permanent serving region and under-money storage for the outdoor dining area.